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Gourmet Menu

Gourmet Menu : 47 euros

Small nems made as Saigon
Spring rolls with shrimps and beef
Salad with green papaya, carrots, shrimps and beef
Coconut lemongrass soup
Cambodian salad with spicy beef
Stir-fried organic shrimp with garlic flower
Ginger organic bar in banana leaf
Grilled farm chicken satay
Stir-fried beef* with broccoli and snow peas

Laotien rice in banana leaf
Annamite stir-fried rice
Stir-fried noodles with Thai herbs
Stir- fried vegetables with sesame and coriander
Cream of corn in coconut milk
Chilled mango soup with coconut milk
Exotic Thai salad
Sorbets and iced vanilla macaron Martine Lambert
Mineral water
2 glasses of wine: +10 €
1 glass of champagne: +10 €
* Beef french origin

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